Special Spring Sprinkler Start-Up!

Before it gets too warm, use this special promo from Sprinkler Master Repair to get your system up and running again!

Call (385) 226-5764, or click here for more information! 

2 thoughts on “Special Spring Sprinkler Start-Up!”

  1. Since you have mentioned about weather a couple of times, I was wondering if the sprinkler system regulates the amount water according to the weather. If yes, does it do that automatically, or do I have to integrate it with a weather module system like Aeris or Climacell like farmers do?

    1. Sprinkler Master (Salt Lake, UT)

      Hello! Sorry for the extremely late reply. The answer to your question about whether or not sprinkler systems can regulate the water according to the weather… the answer is yes!

      Smart sprinkler timers can regulate according to the weather, can be controlled by your smartphone, and even “dumber” sprinkler timers can often implement a moisture sensor in the ground that will automate the sprinkler system based on water content in the soil, as opposed to just times and dates like most sprinkler timers are often set for.

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